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Prescription Drug Plans Delray Beach Florida

Save Money With Discount Prescription Drug Plans in Delray Beach Florida

In today’s world, the pharmacy is all too often like an assembly line, devoid of the charm and warmth that small town pharmacies once offered their customers. At Ira’s Discount Pharmacy, we strive to be the most technologically advanced pharmacy, without giving up the small town, friendly atmosphere that we believe a pharmacy owes customers.

We’re proud to offer customers a place where their discount prescription drug plans are honored, but we’re just as proud to offer customers free ice cream or coffee while they wait for their prescription. It’s one of the small extra touches that we think sets us apart from our competition. Another highlight of our pharmacy is our frequently updated gift shop, which houses a wide selection of greeting cards and beautiful items that we hope you will enjoy browsing at during your visits to our pharmacy.

Stop by one of our two conveniently located pharmacies today to experience a new kind of pharmacy. We’re not just here to fill prescriptions, but to make sure that your prescriptions are accurate, your discount plans honored, and your comfort while waiting maintained thanks to our inviting atmosphere. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our pharmacy.

Visit us today at, or give us a call at one of our two convenient locations:

Delray Ray Beach, Florida (866-296-5545 or 561-455-0090)

4900 Linton Blvd., Delray Beach, FL 33445 S.E. Corner of Linton and Military Trail (BocaRay Plaza – near Poppies Restaurant)

Lake Worth, FL (888-262-3978 or 561-353-1292)

6338 Lantana Rd., Lake Worth, FL 33463 S.E Corner of Jog Rd and Lantana Rd. (Pinewood Square – next to Chris’ Taverna)

Ira’s Discount Pharmacy in Delray Beach

Why Community Pharmacies Such as Ira’s Discount Pharmacy in Delray Beach and Ira’s Pharmacy in Lake Worth are Where you Want to Shop

Prescription drug prices are often unbelievably high, so it’s crucial to find a pharmacy that makes sure their prices are fair to customers. At Ira’s Discount Pharmacy, we strive to provide customers with the lowest cost possible for prescription drugs. We advertise, and stand behind, our promise to beat the price of any local pharmacy.

Low prices aren’t enough to make a superior pharmacy, though. Along with low prices, we give our customers a comfortable environment to wait for their prescriptions. Any health issue can be stressful, so it’s important to us that when you enter our pharmacy, you feel welcomed and relaxed. While waiting for your low-cost prescription drugs, you can have a free cup of coffee or ice cream, browse through our selection of greeting cards, or look for the perfect gift in our gift shop. If you’re not in the mood to travel to the pharmacy, keep in mind that we have FREE delivery, something that almost no pharmacy is able or willing to offer these days.

We’re confident that once you visit our pharmacy, you’ll never go anywhere else. You can visit us to learn more at, or call our Delray Beach, Florida pharmacy at 866-296-5545 or 561-455-0090. We’re available to answer any questions you might have about your discount prescription drug plan, or any other health issue you are concerned about.

Pharmacy Benefits In Delray Beach Florida

Healthcare Reform and Changes in Pharmacy Benefits Manager in Florida

The changes that have happened to pharmacy management are affecting every patient who comes through the door of a doctor’s office or clinic. These patients are having a hard time getting the prescriptions they need, by visiting their neighborhood community pharmacy.

Mergers such as that of Express Scripts and Medco will severely limit your freedom to choose where and how you can get your medications. The goal of such mergers is to force a large majority of people with drug plans into mail order delivery of their prescriptions . It not only threatens the very existence of your local small town pharmacy, but threatens your ability to interact face-to-face with a pharmacists who is there ready to answer your questions and any concerns you may have regarding your medications. If you haven’t already done so we urge you to write to our State Attorney General, Pam Bondi by visiting:

You can also sign the petition to stop this merger at:

Welcome To Ira’s Discount Pharmacy

One only has to set foot in Ira’s to experience a truly friendly atmosphere. We always make customers feel at home by getting to know them on a personal, first name basis. Your experience at Ira’s Discount Pharmacy is important to us each and every time you come and visit.

“Ira’s vs. Chain Pharmacies: How We Measure Up”

“Ira’s vs. Chain Pharmacies: How We Measure Up” Here is a comparison of Ira’s Discount Pharmacy versus all of the chain pharmacies around. We know our hometown look and feel and old world customer service will win you over. Come in to one of our two locations today and you will simply have to walk through the doors to know you’ve become part of the family.”

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Know About Us


Know About Us

Located in South Florida’s Lake Worth and Delray Beach areas, Ira’s is here to serve the community; offering old world charm, efficient personalized service and discounted prices. Our pharmacies provide two convenient locations to better serve our wide range of patients.

Our Services


Our Services

Providing you with the best of care and service is our #1 priority. Enjoy fast prescription fills with little or no wait time, plus FREE Delivery and Mail Order service available throughout the U.S. We are equipped with all the latest technology and we carry most medications.

Gift Shop


Gift Shop

Our Gift Shop offers both a wide selection of special gifts, collectables, and a discounted assortment of gift cards. We pride ourselves in helping you find that perfect item for a patient, special occasion or event. Come in and browse to your heart’s content.